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Every new beginning starts with a coincidence and with a little luck. Without this nothing happens. But if we want create something that last, much more is needed - vision, passion, enthusiasm and perseverance. We hope that all these attributes can be found here, in ESTE+.

In ESTE+ we strive to produce quality design furniture based on respect to functionality. To achieve this goal, we try to balance design with used materials. The key criterion is high resistance of the material ensuring long life of our products. In this spirit we work only with few proven suppliers who gave us only high quality products, which meet our requirements and enable us to offer quality furniture at a reasonable price.

Currently ESTE+ is growing young company and we hope that we will extend our range of children’s furniture in the near future.

About our products

Our first goal is to offer functional, variable and quality furniture for children - those creative, free-thinking small creatures that for some unknown reason want to be like us, adults. They like to cook, take care of baby dolls . . . with this in mind we created something, where they can sit comfortably in the same way we like. We created a little sofa.

Our sofas have a very simple design so they can proudly stand next to those of adults. Moreover this simplicity is also best for development of children’s imagination. This way our little sofa can easily change into a protective wall, rock, trampoline, or stash. Their variability is ensured by their safe structure, which is composed by only few parts of solid glued foam rubber. Thanks this, our sofas are stable, yet light and soft. Moreover they have removable and washable covers, which are very easy to change.

Upholstery and fabrics

Given that our furniture is designed for children we choose materials primarily on the basis of their functionality. Children’s sofa, which doesn’t have a removable, easy to clean and durable cover, wouldn’t make happy anybody. All our children’s sofas are therefore coated with a very durable fabric “Rally” with highly efficient finish called Nanotex. You can find a very small fluoro-carbon particles attached directly to the fibers. This ensures that all stains are effectively isolated from the rest of the fabric. The fabric can also withstand a large number of washing cycles with gentle wash at 30°C without wearing down or discoloration.

Extend the life of your furniture

Although we live in the world of consumerism where we can buy everything over and over again, far more efficient and “greener” approach is regular care of what we already have and your favorite sofa can serve you for many more years.

If possible, change the covers of your sofa as often as you can. You will prolong their life and ensure an even wear. Also try to protect the fabric from direct sunlight to prevent any color fading.

As our sofas are designed for children, apart from normal wear and tear there is increased risk of various stains. Below you can find an overview of several ways to clean the most common types of stains.

Coffee - by applying paper towels first aspirate as much fluid as you can and then wipe it with a damp sponge.

FIX, ink - gently apply sponge soaked in pure alcohol, then wipe with water and mild soap

Make-up, lipstick - clean with sponge with a mild shampoo neutral cleaner, then rinse with water.

Chewing gum - freeze the stain with the ice and remove as much of the solid material as you can. The rest of it dissolve with the ethyl alcohol, drain with a paper towel or cloth , then use a neutral soap solution and finally rinse with water.

Chocolate, fruit, ice cream - apply sponge with undiluted ammonia, then wipe off. If any stain remains, wash the cloth with water and a mild soap.

Soda, beer, vinegar - apply sponge with water diluted ammonia (1 part ammonia to 8 parts water), then wipe with water and mild soap.

Butter, oil, wax - place a paper towel on the stain and apply a hot iron, then apply a dry foam. If the stain persists, wash with water and mild soap.

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